Fnatic Academy get their Spot in LCS

Fnatic Academy get their Spot in LCS

Fnatic Academy made their way to EU LCS with a 3:0 over Giants Gaming.

The first game was relatively uneventful for a long time. The pre-decision fell after 35 minutes by a single fight. Three kills for Fnatic Academy meant that Baron Nashor could be taken without risk. The buff was enough to put the opponent’s base in debris and finish the game after an Elder Drake.
Even in the second game, the gold difference to the mid-game was low, but Fnatic Academy showed itself again in this phase of the game. Giants Gaming was able to stay in the game by defending their own Bot-Lane-Tower.

The team started Baron Nashor, while the opponent took the Elder-Drake, but Fnatic Academy managed to get to the Baron Pit in time. Giants Gaming was eliminated on the neutral goal, which meant the 0: 2.

With his back to the wall standing, Giants gaming in the third game from the beginning tried to act aggressively. Jonas ‘Memento’ Elmarghichis gave First Blood on a chase. Afterwards, he and his team had a successful teleport play in the opponent Jungle, but this turned out to be a devastating mistake.

After eleven minutes, the residue was already 4,000 gold. Fnatic Academy, however, failed to expand this large lead. After 24 minutes, Giants gimmed with five players Baron Nashor, as Mateusz ‘Kikis’ Szkudlarek pushed Bot-Lane to the inhibitor.

Memento and Co. succeeded in killing the Objective, but only Mid-Laner Gun-woo ‘NighT’ Na survived with the Buff. In addition, Giants paid gaming with an inhibitor, which did not make the risky action worthwhile.
Kikis was once again an unstoppable force in this game, this time with Fiora. Giants Gaming did not find any solution against the Polish, even in team-fights. This ended the game with a split push, while Giants Gaming fought on the top lane against his teammates.

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