New CSGO Line Up

New CSGO Line Up

We are proud to announce our new CSGO ESEA Open ladder team.

Statement of Arctic Storm:

“For several weeks we have been running our project again and have spared no effort to search for new talent. We have received many e-mails and applications and are pleased that we have finally found a team that we can support on their way to Esport.
We hope we can give the players some experience for the future. We decided to pick up this roster because the CSGO Scene has a real big issue with talent scouting and the strukture of their leagues.
Its up to every single org to contribute a small part to let the CSGO scene grow again. These swedish guys seemsĀ  to be talented and really motivated to have progress with their team. ”


Jakob “jake” Andersson

Alex “kristiansson” Kristiansson

Marcus “kwuw” Andersson

Oskar “Falk” Falk

Niklas “PunyG” Johannesson


Social Media :

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