Statement about our League of Legends Team

We at Arctic Storm would like to make a statement about the change of our LoL team:

A few weeks ago, we were looking for a new League of Legends Main Team over various forums.
In doing so, we have assumed that the team will play CSQ and optionally take part in the German EPS.
So we were already looking for a complete team with staff, because the registration had to be done.
Through a joint partner I discovered Cognate eSports. Of course, since we also like to follow other organizations, we have “Follow” with Cognate eSports and their LoL Manager.

Then Ashley wrote “Slip” Haynes to us and asked how he could help us.
We told him that we are now in the construction process and are looking for a new LoL team.
This seemed just right to fit him. He pushed us up and told us about his glorious managerial stories.
Of course this sounded interesting for our new organization. We asked him if he had a contract with Cognate and whether it would be all right for Cognate when he changed.
He said that everyone was already clear and he did not want to be on Cognate, as they had financial problems.
This should have been the time for us to be heard.
From now on we worked together more and it seemed as if he was a nice, motivated person.

After we put a lot of effort and time into the search as an organization, there was finally a Roster, which was promised us as a 100% profit.
The team played great together and we registered at the UK Masters.
Slip told me that he needed about 800GBP (1000 euros), so he could pay the arrival of the team and the accommodation. Furthermore, he would make money for the Insomnia60 tickets.
At this time, we did not know that the management of the UK Masters paid everything and you did not need any tickets.
He tried to pull us over the table and lied to us.
After talking to the managers of the UK masters, I knew and of course I did not tell him anything and wanted to see what he did.
He only had the 230 GBP for the Insomnia tickets, which he still has. I asked him to buy the tickets. Of course he did not.

In the course of the week came some complaints from other organizations such as and ComplEX eSports that would try to fetch players from other organizations that have a contract.

We were sent the necessary proofs. However, we tried to give him a sense of backwardness. This proved you wrong. Slip in chat chattered other organizations and said that they are all uninformed idiots.

We reached the UK Masters and were happy that it ran so well for us.
Yesterday came slip with an inconspicuous reason to me. He got into a conversation and started to show up and show up as someone who would not keep his word, although we had clarified beforehand that we do not pay any UK Masters team money each month because it is not worth it.
He had not fulfilled his contractual conditions and had not signed up for the CSQ.

Now he said that he would switch to “Radix eSports” and they would offer him more. We could not offer as much as they can.
After Radix eSports had spoken to us, he could change even though he was still under contract. But he compelled us to let him go.

Yesterday publicly announced that he has gone to Nerdrage Pro.
Radix eSport also told us that he was trying to cheat her for money and lied to them too.

So to express all in one sentence. Ashley “Slip” Hayne is a deceiver. He has deceived, robbed and harassed Cogante eSports, Arctic Storm,, ComplEX esports and Radix eSport.
Hereby I warn every team what will work with this person. Please do not give this man power or money.

We deeply regret the fact that we have opened the doors of eSport to such a person and have thus inflicted a damage on the scene.
We hope that this career of a silver manager will soon come to an end.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organizations who have helped us to clarify this case.

Maximilian Cabanski

CEO|Founder of Arctic Storm

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