Team Arctic Storm – New LoL Roster

Hereby we reveal our new League of Legends Roster.
We are looking forward to welcome the guys on board of Arctic Storm.
After discussing our new approaches, we decided to send an ESL UK Premiership team into the race.
Even if we had some setbacks, we did not beat ourselves in the UK scene and hope that we can still achieve some sprout.

We are especially looking forward to the matches against our friends and former players.
We will give our best and strengthen our position.


Toplane: Tarentz
Jungle: Professor Zen
Mid: Bamby
ADC: Jørgen
Support: Fastlegged


Of course, this is not the only new message.
With a bit of luck, we will soon introduce our new team Arctic Storm Academy Squad.
Be anxious and follow us on our social media profiles.

Unfortunately, we can not make a statement about our current procedures.

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